* guidance and facilitation in ASANA PRANAYAMA & MEDITATION * 

open for all levels * working on physical, mental and emotional queries

note that due to Covid-regulations the schedules are slightly different for the time being, visit yoga online for the temporary schedules or the studio websites


on regular basis


Airyoga Zurich

Thursday 8pm 

Saturday 8.45 am & 12pm/ Sunday 9.45am


Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12pm

Thursday 6pm


Thursday 7.30am & 9 am 


Wednesday 6pm 

For exact schedule and additional classes please check the Studio Websites



 Are you a beginner and feel nervous about starting yoga?

 * Do you wish guidance in developing a personalized self practice sequence? 

 * Are you an experienced yogi looking for individualized instructions and guidance to suit your unique body       and health needs?

 * Would you like to find a tool to calm down from daily stress, ease off anxieties and learn to relax the mind?

 * Are you ready to explore the power of the reconnection with your own breath?

Lets start from wherever you are at today, lets discover the self-healing powers and dive deeper into peace and happiness.

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There is a range of flexible packages to meet students varying budget abilities and lifestyle needs

Suggested: 120.- Fr. for 60 Minutes, 180.- Fr. for 90 Minutes